Recipe: how to cook Chinese food, Laba Garlic (pickle)

Laba Garlic is a traditional dish, which is popular in the north of China, especially in the northeast. It is a custom of Laba Festival. It is named Laba Garlic because it is made on the eighth day of December in the lunar calendar.

In fact, the ingredients are very simple, that is, vinegar and garlic.
Garlic soaked in vinegar will turn green, eventually, it is totally green both inside and outside, like the jade. Laba Garlic is the best condiment for Jiaozi.

The word suàn (pinyin) of Laba garlic is the same as the word suàn (pinyin) of suàn zhàng (pinyin),which means collect accounts. Each company calculated the income and expenditure of last whole year on 8 December in the lunar calendar (Laba Festival), including foreign debts. This is là bā suàn (pinyin). The creditor sent notice to ask debtor pay the debt on that day. So the debtor used suàn (garlic) replace to avoid taboo.


  • garlic 250g
  • rice vinegar or mature vinegar 300ml ( could cover all garlic)
  • sugar 3g (optional)


Step 1: peel garlic.

Step 2: wash garlic.

Step 3: cut garlic root.

Step 4: dry garlic with kitchen towels.

Step 5: prepare clean glass jars without water and oil.

Step 6: put garlic in the glass jars.

Step 7: add vinegar over garlic.

Step 8: seal and keep in a warm place.

Step 9: the garlic turn to green after one week. The longer, the greener. DONE❕


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Chinese Food Recipe

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