Recipe: how to cook Chinese food, Candied Sweet Potato

Candied Sweet potato is a traditional Chinese dish. di gua means sweet potato. ba si is the string of the hot sugar syrup. Lots of people will order it for dessert when they have dinner at a restaurant.


  • 500g sweet potato
  • 200g soft sugar


Step 1: peel the sweet potato.

Step 2: roll cut the sweet potato.

Step 3: heat oil to 150℃ around. put a dice sweet potato, if it has bubbles, you could put all sweet potatoes in.

Step 4: fry all sweet potatoes.

Step 5: fry until crispy outsides, soft insides. transfer to a bowl and drain oil.

Step 6: put some oil and sugar.

Step 7: stir the sugar over low heat until it turns amber.

Step 8: turn to medium heat, put the potatoes and keep stirring quickly. make sure all potatoes are covered with sugar syrup.

Step 9: transfer to a plate.

Step 10: add some oil and heat the sugar to syrup. turn off the heat, in case of the syrup is burnt. dip a spoon into hot oil ( the hot spoon can slow down the syrup solidification) .pour and spread one spoon of syrup on sweet potatoes slowly.

Step 11: repeat serval times. DONE❕ If the sweet potato is too hot, you could dip it in cool water rapidly and eat.


want to learn any Chinese food, leave comments to me




Chinese Food Recipe

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Panda Cheffy

Panda Cheffy

Chinese Food Recipe

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